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Welcome Home Rhynie Man

Rhynie Man is currently based in Woodhill House, Aberdeen and some of the children and their parents have not visited nor met him.  Rhynie Primary School have been visiting the archaeological digs in Rhynie and were familiar with Rhynie Man but didn't know where he was or how to get in touch with him.


As it was nearly February, we decided to create some valentine cards to send to Rhynie Man.  We spoke about symbols, visual communication and invitations as well as the story of Rhynie Man and the 47 pupils across the P1 to P7 classes all created their own valentine cards to send to Rhynie Man.  Some wrote poems others drew, but everyone had fun. 

The cards were sent to Rhynie Man and received by Bruce Mann, the Regional Archaeologist, who worked with Rhynie Man to reply to the lovely cards with a letter in Ogham, which the children subsequently translated back into English.

As Rhynie Man had accepted the invitation to return to Rhynie, he needed to prepare for his journey.

The Invitation
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