commissioned bonsai planter
coastal platter
Rocking bowl
Celebrate Range
Tools of the trade
Daisy Planter
Daisy Planter (detail)
Hilloch and Tunnock planters
Tunnock Planters (detail)
Tunnock Planter (detail)
Tunnock Planter (detail)
Tunnock Planter (detail)
Nuture planters
Nurture Vessels
Nurture planter (detail)
Nurture tea light (detail)
Woodland Brooch
Nurture planter (detail)
Forest Floor Planter
Woodland Planter (detail)
Coral Beach Maquette (detail)
Lace Decorations
First Christmas
Advent Snowflakes
Porcelain Advent Calender
North East Open Studios
NEOS window display
A Fly Cup
Junction Art Exhibition
Fly cup cake stands
Fly Cup