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A little bit about me

Whist working as an HR professional I was awarded a Winston Churchill Travelling Fellowship.  My travels took me to Japan and America where I developed my knowledge and experience of managing change.  An added bonus of this exploration was an introduction to Japanese aesthetics and design.  This brief introduction to Japan formed the foundation of my approach to design and making.


After 20 years working in manufacturing and service industries I went back to study at Glasgow & Gray's Schools of Art and in 2010 I embarked on a career in the Creative Industries.


My journey through making, printing and placemaking has lead to exhibiting work throughout the UK, residencies in Scotland and Italy, working with communities, collaborations with other makers, writers and artists, winning an Aberdeen City and Shire Craft Makers Award (2011), the Royal Scottish Academy's William Littlejohn Award for Excellence and Innovation in Waterbased Media (2013) as well as a Huntly Cultural Fund - Creative Places Award (2014) and Community funding for Huntly Histories activities (2016)


I split my time between residencies, collaborations and projects, exploring with my husband and dog, knitting, sewing and wild swimming.   I've taken up running to (try to) keep up with my British Nordic Cross Country Skiing son!

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